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I am No Lab Rat! Are you?

GM food is created by taking genes of bacteria, virus, spider, scorpion, or even human beings and forcibly inserting them into the genome of brinjal, potatoes, corn etc. so the vegetables will develop certain new traits. Often though, these new vegetables resulting from these strange experiments develop characteristics that are unnatural and unpredictable. When GM food was tested on rats, the results were alarming. Evidence linked GM with stunted growth, impaired immune systems, potentially precancerous cell growth in the intestines, inflamed kidneys and lung tissue, less developed brain, enlarged livers, pancreases and intestines and higher blood sugar in the mice. In fact, the off spring were also affected. 

In all likelihood, Bt Brinjal will be launched in India without any label and you and your family will have no choice but become lab rats in this grand genetic experiment.
Are you enraged? 
Do you feel like screaming, ‘I AM NO LABRAT’? Do you think that it is unfair to test GM on you and your family? Do you think the Government and companies should stop GM food till they are proven to be safe beyond doubt?

Write to the health minister Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss and tell him

I am no labrat.


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