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Farmer-the most endangered species


The lives of small and marginal farmers of India are in jeopardy. Farmers in the States like Andhra Pradesh (A.P.), Maharashtra, Karnataka and Punjab are resorting to committing suicides due to high-levels of indebtedness and helplessness at the situation. At the same time Central and State Governments are changing the policies effecting policies effecting farming community at a rapid pace. This effort is to bring all the information together at one place

Dr. G. V. Ramanjaneyulu

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Sridhar R said

    The State of Kerala, especially the District of Wyanad has been seeing suicides of farmers, and is linked to the fall in prices of coffee, pepper etc and also to diseases and loss of productivity. The packages of the Central Government has come, and yet the suicides continue. No body in the Government seems to really know what to do. The State Government intends to help out and redeem the situation but is faced with lack of a active and volunteering officers with the zeal to go on ground and organise a revival programme.

    Naturally they do’nt need to work as they get paid whatever be the outcome of their work ( here specifically meaning the agriculture officers and sceintists), and this time the outcome has been that farmers whose welfare these officers have some responsibility over, are forced to suicide.

  2. sripadhan said

    Dear sir / madam,
    Farmers in many parts of the world are depending / using lift irrigation schemes
    for cultivation purposes. that is farming needs. I request you to convey my message and technology
    to the concerned farmers. Farmers and others can save funds spent on
    electricity related activities. my message is as follows.
    I have a new technology. it is called lift irrigation with out electricity /
    any power in puts / pneumatic or hydralic rams. This technology is most suitable for small lift
    irrigation schemes, it can be developed scientically for medium and large
    lift irrigation schemes also. The farmers are requested to do structural
    /civil masonry construction. (or pre-fabricated huge tanks can be installed
    to save time for construction). In my technology, the out-flow water speed
    and quantity will be equal to the in- flow speed and quantity of the
    original river /stream / water source. For stagnant water sources the cost
    of construction or pre-fabrication will be more. The out-put quantity of
    water will also be be lesser. In my technology, you please calculate the
    quantity of water out- flow. Is it enough for irrigation for farmers ?.
    If that is not enough, the farmers can store the required quantity of water
    during nights in one upper level check-dam and use it during days. or if
    the river speed and the proportionate quantity of water is enough for
    farming needs, farmers can utilise the water out-put directly with out
    storing in checkdams.
    They will be able to save costs spent on electrical equipments , labour
    ,monthly power bills and other expenditures. They will get non-stop water
    subject to leakages , structural problems only and if water is available in
    the original source. poor farmers can’t afford for electrical equipments,
    monthly power bills please inform me the abovesaid parametres and
    quantity of water will be enough / useful for the farmers of world or not. please
    consult the structural/ civil engineering department faculties and inform me
    soon.This system will earn CARBON-CREDITS FROM DEVELOPED COUNTRIES. This
    system will get environment related AWARDS also. I request you to get me
    consultancy fees . you imagine the funds saved on several capital
    expenditures and recurring expenses. I expect only acceptable consultancy
    fees after discussions. i need one agreement / undertaking before disclosing my
    There are many lift irrigation schemes defunct because of non-payment of
    electricity bills particularly (570 LIS) in Andhra Pradesh, india. naandi
    foundation is reviving them. there are 2 lift irrigation schemes at pugalur
    near karur, T.N. india
    you please inform me the takers for my technology . please help me at the
    earliest. please send e-mail.
    you please forward this message to the concerned farmes.
    please consider my message positively and respond as early as possible.
    my contacts : sripadhan.R., nisarga enterprises, # 2496, kodigehally main
    Road, opp to sterling park flats, sahakarnagar p.o.,
    Bangalore-560092. INDIA. fax : 91 – 80 – 41735294 (11a.m. to 8p.m. IST)
    cell: 91-9731441878 (10p.m.to7 a.m.IST)e-mail :
    Thank you

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