Indian Agrarian Crisis now moved to

Farmer-the most endangered species

Reports on Displacement

India’s Dam Shame

• Polavaram Dam is economically unviable.

• It will adversely affect the Andhra Pradesh budget for decades.
• The dam will take resources from other vitally needed infrastructure.
• The supposed benefits of the dam will be reality only to a few people in Andhra pradesh.
• Politicians and bureaucrats who do not want to tackle the tougher issues of failing infrastructure and inadequate services hope the dam project will make people feel they are doing something about water problems in Andhra Pradesh.
• Polavaram Dam will dislocate the lives of at least one million people.
• The proposed compensation package is inadequate and will not be delivered effectively.
• Historically, the building of large dams has not helped India.
• Large dams have contributed less than 10 per cent to providing food security.
• Large dams are costly ‘white elephants’ with a history of cost overruns, non-completion, and inefficiency.
• Large dams have changed more peoples’ lives for the worse than for the better.

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