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5days HUNGER STRIKE demanding inclusion of 805 tribal villages in 5th Schedule,

Posted by Ramoo on August 23, 2008

Venue; Indira Park on 25-8-08 Monday at 11-00 Am

Inauguration By – Sri Medha Patkar, National Convener, National Alliance of Peoples Moments (NAPM)

Sri P.Chennaiah, Secretary, Andhara Pradesh Vyvasaya Vuthidarula Union (APVVU)

Sri S.Jevan kumar, vaice president, Human Rights Forum (HRF)

In Hydrabead ( August 25 to 29th,2008) during the Sessions, a dharna would be organized for 5 days, demanding inclusion of 805 tribal villages in 5th Schedule, the proposal which has been pending for the last 28 years with Govt. of India.

· Hundred tribal youth will participate from 5 districts

· You can support one day meal to the participants

(Rs 50 for one day one person- it covers mooring Tiffin and night Dinner)

· You can contribute one day expenses for tent and carpets.

(Rs 2000)

· You are requested to come and participate and give your support services (like writing reports, press notes, talking with media and making translations.

· You may mobilise your contacts and bring them to Sathyagraha site.

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