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Posted by Ramoo on September 25, 2007

Our Food, Our Farmers, Our Agriculture

Mass Candlelight Vigil on October 2nd, 2007 to support Indian farmers and Agriculture

On 2nd October, several concerned citizens and groups across the world are coming together to remind the governments that agrarian distress is not to be ignored, that farmers’ suicides are continuing in an unacceptable manner in India and that farmers continue to reel under huge debt burden caused by rising costs of cultivation & living, unremunerative prices due to liberalisation and dismantled public support structures. 

As concerned and responsible citizens and members of the civil society, we request you to lend your solidarity to Indian farmers and our agriculture by joining us in a candle light vigil


if you are in Hyderabad please join us at

When:   Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007, 5.00 pm to 7.30 pm- Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

Where:  Tank Bund, Near Secretariat, Hyderabad (exact location will be communicated in a subsequent mail)

In case you are not from Hyderabad, pls do sign up for a solidarity fast on that day ( or organise something in your own city/town/village. If you are from Delhi, join the event at Jantar Mantar (details on the AID website).

Why: Government of
India and state governments have completely failed to protect our farmers’ interests. Farmers in India are in extreme social and economic distress. With huge inflation and raising input costs but lesser and lesser price for their produce, Indian farmers are neck-deep in debts and are facing huge socio-economic distress. There are many state policies at the root of this situation that farmers are confronted with.

Goal: To let the Government know that we will not tolerate this injustice to Indian Agriculture and the farmers – this is also a message of hope to farmers that some farming community members in the state are finding solutions to the problems confronting them through collective efforts including on establishing ecological farming and that they should all join hands to combat anti-farmer policies. This is also to let the government and the farmers know that urban consumers and concerned citizens have not forgotten the issues confronting Indian farmers and their farming.

What can You DO?: Every one of us feels for this cause, so all of us should participate in the vigil. Please bring your candle and any appropriate posters/banners that you have, related to the issue.


Our Demands:

  • Ensure regular income support to farmers
  • bring back quantitative restrictions on imports and stop liberalised trade
  • ban GM seeds and chemical pesticides
  • promote & support ecological, agro-diversity based farming
  • prohibit the shift and use of agricultural land to non-agricultural uses including SEZs
  • say NO to corporate and contract farming
  • scrap the Indo-US Knowledge Initiative in Agriculture
  • debt relief to all farmers
  • make food security and food sovereignty a national development priority

Caring for those who feed the nation….. We do it because it is “Our Food, Our Farmers”. Hope to see you in the candle light vigil.


For more information, contact:


  1. Rakesh Kumar Reddy, Association for India‘s Development (AID): 98-854-9012
  2. Kavitha Kuruganti, Centre for Sustainable Agriculture (CSA): 93-930-01550
  3. Ramanjaneyulu G V, Centre for Sustainable Agriculture (CSA): 93-913-59702

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