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Last 2 yrs saw 148 suicides by farmers, admits CM

Posted by Ramoo on March 30, 2007…

Express News Service

Gandhinagar, March 29: The State government on Thursday admitted that Gujarat has seen 148 cases of suicides by farmers in the last two years. Of these, while 28 victims were tribal farmers, none belonged to the scheduled castes (SC). The admission on the floor of the House comes following several uproarious scenes on the issue and vehement denials by the treasury benches.

Chief Minister Narendra Modi informed this as a written reply to a starred question asked by Borsad MLA Amit Chavda.


The reply is the most direct acceptance by the government that all is not right with agriculture in the State despite claims of increasing income of farmers. The figures are up to January 31 this year.

The response further says that all the 148 cases are individual suicides, with no area reporting mass suicides. Reasons given for the suicides range from inclement weather, mental illness, family issues, long-term ailments amongst others. Admittedly, the suicides that took place owing to inclement weather were also the ones directly related to agricultural failure, something the government has vehemently denied over the last one month of Assembly session.

With Modi in a self-congratulatory mode over the issue of increasing agricultural income, the government has been denying even a single case of farmer suicide. The government has not paid any compensation to the families of the farmers who committed suicides, admits the reply by Modi.

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