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Is blood rain in Nandigram the begining of the end of left rule ?

Posted by Ramoo on March 19, 2007…

Give full marks to Marx. Congress and Left have fixed the political cricket match. UPA vowed to wipe out farmers and soldiers in the land of India. Management and love guru should go to WB and naxal area

Rajniti ka asli rang kya hai, koi mujh se puche. Maine rajniti ka sabse ghinona chehra dekha hai. Jiske aage Ravan ke dus chehre bedag hain

The Left Front has begun to distance itself from Buddhadeb and and say they feel let down. The opposition parties, on their part, staged a walkout in the state Assembly and have called for his dismissal.

Also, the Calcutta High Court took up the case suo motu and ordered a CBI inquiry against the government’s actions. I2 hours strike called by Trinmool Congress and 24 hors strike called by BJP have great impact on the West Bengal to shut schools, offices, and shops in India’s communist-ruled state of West BengalThe bloody matter is hot up in the parliament.

So, is this the beginning of the end for Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and later the rule of left front in West Bengal?

Most part of this article is written as ‘Byaj ninda’Give full marks to MarxMarx considered the peasantry to be disorganized, dispersed, and incapable of carrying out change. The impact of drought gripping India on the farmers would vindicate Karl Marx who did not include agriculturists in his definition of revolutionary proletariat as he felt that their dependence upon nature made them superstitious. Left being atheists also not treat tribal as their partner of revolution because tribal worship the nature Sun, Mountain, River etc.

When Mamta Banerjee was on hunger strike on Singrur issue than spreading salt on the wounds PM Manmohan reached Kolkata to say that Buddhadeb is best CM of India. Buddhadeb agreed by saying, “We are not building communism in
West Bengal. Neither are we building socialism. We are building capitalism Workers have been laid off, unviable public sector units have either been closed or put up for divestment, foreign firms come in and Unions go out.”

‘Bujho to jaane?’
West Bengal government killed farmers in Nandigram through armed police and Leftists make half century of killing policemen in Chhattisgarh.

Congress is active partner in the centre but in West Bengal it is sleeping partner of Left parties. Symbolically they have made marriage of convenience. Product of it is Naxalites. Home Minister says Naxalites are their children. Somnath Chattejee says naxals are not criminals.

Mao s thought: we can rely fully on the weapon of the people’s democratic dictatorship, unite the people throughout the country, the reactionaries excepted, and advance steadily to our goal.

There are two classes of Maoist – political cadres, who organise people, & people’s army, which fights

Marxim of poor and world labor unity is against capitalism of farmers:

NANDIGRAM: The quest for FDI acquired a bloody hue on Wednesday. A 5,000-strong police force marched into Nandigram — the country’s symbol of problems associated with land acquisition for industry — and fired on protesting villagers and activists, leaving at least 12 dead and over 50 injured. The official death count is 11.

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