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SEZ and coffee

Posted by Ramoo on March 18, 2007


Revolutions are not made; they come
——Wendell Philips
Hmmmm..…Bangladesh defeats India in 1st World Cup Match, David conquers Golliath. Big…really big. I have been watching a so called Post Match analysis show on a premier News Channel. Even at 3 AM in the morning, people are awake and attending road interviews, calling up News Channels….well, Cricket has been and will be a RELIGION in the country, no doubt about it !! As one of the Blue Billion, I still expect some real good and spirited performance in the coming month..ha ha !
But where is Nandigram??? Not so much spirited efforts from our BILLION, eh !! Well , I updated myself little bit about it……Mr. L K Advani compared Jalianwalabagh with Nandigram…..or the other way round ?? Little bit confused about that……tell me somebody clearly. Why cannot we stop comparing with past? Is not the incident shameful enough to be cited in HISTORY alone on it’s own merit or demerit? I don’t know. Madam Mamata is fearing for her life again……well how many deaths she expects to die??? Don’t worry Madam, police bullets at least don’t touch famous politicians…..poor peasants are easy targets. And stop burning state run buses and damaging Government properties in the name of public apathy. They are made of our money, the Tax payers’ money….and you Politicians better keep off from them. The people who call themselves Naxals, are giving updates ……No. of dead people….20(14th March),50(15th March); No. of Raped Women….N.A.(14th March),500(15th March)……two days have passed……with this kind of pace of activity, you people expect to build “The New Democratic State” !! Well, well, you must be arranging the ammunitions …after all Mao Tse-Tung said “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”,right??
Anyway, what am I doing??? Sitting in home and watching World Cup of a Sport, which is unknown to 70-80% of the human inhabitants on Earth and blaming everybody but myself!! But what to do? Am I clear about what is the root of the problem? Frankly, the answer is NO.
I heard that it is all about something called SEZ….now what the hell is that? Need to update myself, otherwise as the wise men say,I will never be able to BELL the CAT!!
Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a geographical region that has economic laws that are more liberal than a country’s typical economic laws. Usually the goal is an increase in foreign investment. One of the earliest and the most famous Special Economic Zones were founded by the government of the People’s Republic of China in the early 1980s. According to World Bank estimates, as of 2007 there are more than 3,000 projects taking place in SEZs in 120 countries worldwide, including China, Russia,Poland,Ukraine,India,Iran and others.
Govt. of India started it to promote FDI as well as Entrepreneurship in the country in 2000. The policy was introduced with a view to provide an internationally competitive and hassle free environment for exports. The policy provides for setting up of SEZ’s in the public, private, joint sector or by State Governments. It was also envisaged that some of the existing Export Processing Zones would be converted into Special Economic Zones. Accordingly, the Government has converted Export Processing Zones located at Kandla and Surat (Gujarat), Cochin (Kerala), Santa Cruz (Mumbai-Maharashtra), Falta (West Bengal), Madras (Tamil Nadu), Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh) and Noida (Uttar Pradesh) into Special Economic Zones. In addition, 3 new Special Economic Zones approved for establishment at Indore (Madhya Pradesh), Manikanchan – Salt Lake (Kolkata) and Jaipur have since commended operations. The booty offered as per SEZ Act 2005 includes exemptions Under Customs Act, Central Excise Act, Finance Act and Central Sales Act and many others.
Under the same SEZ Act, it is mentioned as below:
The Central Government, while notifying any area as a Special Economic Zone or an additional area to be included in the Special Economic Zone and discharging its functions under this Act, shall be guided by the following, namely:-
a) generation of additional economic activity
b) promotion of exports of goods and services;
c) promotion of investment from domestic and foreign
d) creation of employment opportunities;
e) development of infrastructure facilities; and
f) maintenance of sovereignty and integrity of India, the
security of the State and friendly relations with foreign States
The fundamental question what rose in my mind was Whether These Six Parameters apply to the Nandigram SEZ proposal or not. Nandigram is a rural area in East Midnapur district of West Bengal ,consisting of mainly poor and middle class farmers. Poor Transport conditions and Communication systems make the situation worse. The area is farmed as multi corps and partially used as fishing pond in off seasons. The proposed SEZ by Salim Group, Indonesia would require over 14000 acres of Land. Putting up this effort at Nandigram would have clearly meant of adversely affecting livelihood of 40000 people. Not only that, the deal offered was at much under valued rates compared to Urban Real Estate Business. It partially makes sense, when the Land is Barren or Wasteland. But one cannot play with the only economic resource of poor people. So there was resistance, anger. When CPI(M) pushed people at their back with the aid of State Machinery, they had no other choice left but to reply back. The return reaction by CPI(M) viz. State Govt. is now in front of our eyes.
With the nature of Records and Profile, Salim Group possess, there is serious doubt in my mind whether aforementioned Point No. d was taken care off. And with the fascist nature of State Govt. and present shocking developments, it is very CLEAR that the security of the STATE has been jeopardized. No STATE is SECURE unless and until the citizens are secured. Land does not define a STATE, people define.
Though I also believe that FDI monitored by State and Entrepreneurship are the ways to provide a boost in country’s Economic growth, we must not forget that Agriculture is our Backbone. There is no point in Working Out Relentlessly and Building Up Your Biceps, if it harms your Spinal Chord. When you do it ignorantly, it is a Mistake; when you do it knowingly, it is a CRIME.
MISTAKES are forgiven, CRIMES are not.
FOOTNOTE: Forgot to mention about the Post Title. Initially gave—-“Revolution Awaits”….But started with a Cup of Coffee and Ended Up after Four. Still feeling to get one more and some Bread. So changed the TITLE!! As Maxim Gorky rightly said——
In our present state of culture, hunger of the mind is more quickly satisfied than hunger of the body.”…Ha ha ha
I request everybody, who read my Non-Sense and is little bit of shocked with Nandigram episode, PLEASE put your signature in the following Petition:

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2 Responses to “SEZ and coffee”

  1. Why I am poor in WB said

    -because the bricks & mortar that were earned by me were taken away by CPM cadre and put on their houses
    -because the butter which was earned by me was taken away by CPM goons,
    -because my capacity for good schooling was sublimed by CPM RED (bloody) intellectuals,
    -because I worked all my life in stone age industry because CPM CITU made Industrialists run away from WB,
    -because I tried to work and not do mastangiri of CPM cadre who make money by making others miserable,
    -because all WB intelelctuals died long ago and CPM reined supreme,
    -because we believed in Gurudev and waited a Messiah will come and did not do anything ourselves


    WHO R U??? why did u copy my Blog?? I am not angry but curious….plz reveal urself

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