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Nandigram: CPM faces political backlash

Posted by Ramoo on March 14, 2007…

CPM faces political backlashSandeep Phukan
Wednesday, March 14, 2007 (New Delhi):

The Nandigram violence on Wednesday has resulted in a strong political backlash against the CPM.
Soon after the news of protesters being killed broke, Opposition MLAs stormed out of the West Bengal Assembly. In fact, the political shockwaves of the violence reached Parliament too.
The significance of the incident was made clearer when even smaller Left parties had no hesitation in criticizing the CPM.
The CPI’s General Secretary AB Bardhan led the charge. “The kind of police action at Nandigram is unheard of in Left rule, which I condemn severely,” Bardhan told State Secretary Manju Kumar Majumder.
“What can we say when our own government doesn’t listen to its allies,” said Abani Roy, RSP MP.
Mounting pressure
Just last week the West Bengal CM had something to cheer about as the Prime Minister praised his efforts on industrialization. But now the Centre is not sitting back, and it has now demanded a report from the state police.
The Congress, in fact, has stepped up pressure on the Left even though the two parties are allies at the Centre.
“I have spoken to CPI leader AB Bardhan. He is also concerned,” said Priyaranjan Dasmunsi, Information and Broadcasting Minister.
Meanwhile, the BJP-led NDA has demanded a judicial inquiry as they believe the West Bengal government is trying to forcibly suppress protests.
“The CPM has brutally lathicharged and fired upon farmers in West Bengal,” said Rajnath Singh, BJP President.
The West Bengal Chief Minister has once before apologized for his party’s bungling of the Nandigram situation when violence broke out following a CPM MP’s attempt to acquire land for the SEZ.
But now, the violence on Wednesday has perhaps sparked off a much bigger political crisis for the CPM.

One Response to “Nandigram: CPM faces political backlash”

  1. ramesh said

    Buddhadev was the main planner for TACKLING of political rivals during the tenure of Jyoti Basu. May be Congress will wake up now and ask its party cadres to provide the list of all killed or missing congress workers in the last 3o years. It has been the well established system in WB for settling scores with non CPM poltical opponents.

    That is why he was selected as CM because he was a man who knew too much! He is ill tempered – clearly eveident by the statements he is making and arrogance seen during his interviews.

    How these people can rule the state so long despite doing nothing for the betterment of people of WB? The real strength for CPM was always the system to keep opponents terrfied and eliminated. Silent booth capturing is another tactic for CPM.

    The attack on Nandigram was an attempt to avenge itself by CPM against populist public rising. The local CPM caders for their booty coming from Salim group have vital interest and so they ordered farmers to sell land butfew did not agree and lo, the carnage started. How can anybody dare oppose CPM in WB? Itni Himmat!!

    Corporate Communism as evident by action of Karats and Yechuries is now certainly a good carreer option for people. It helps without responsibility, to offer two different and opposing views on every issue depending upon where it suits you! They can even go to the extent of diverting strategic border roads !!!

    But the problem is that people of India will never wake up and expose the design of such scrupulous politicians.

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