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Beware money-lenders: help the farmers

Posted by Ramoo on March 12, 2007…

The law enforcing agencies would now onwards keep an eye on the money-lenders. The Central government, concerned over suicides by farmers on a large scale, has taken the issue seriously and going to the root of the problem. The Centre would soon issue directives to the Chief Ministers of the state governments for taking stern action against the erring money-lenders. It may be noted that Maharashtra which has reported maximum number of suicides by the farmers, has already initiated steps in this direction. According to the Union government, the farmers get entrapped into the hands of the wily money-lenders and when they fail to pay the instalments, the interest keeps on rising, leaving no other option for the farmers but to end their lives. Most of the farmers rely on nature for providing water to their crops. In case the rains are below normal or fail, the crops suffer incalculable damage. This leads to great mental tension among the farmers forcing them to end their lives. Answering a query in the Rajya Sabha, the Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar said that a study by the ministry had revealed that 60pc farmers were even today taking loans from the money-lenders at high rates of interest. It may be also noted that the money-lenders were charging 5pc monthly interest or 60pc interest annually. The government is trying its best to make available the loans to the farmers at appropriate rates of interest. Every state has framed money-lending rules and its strict implementation could save the farmers from the designs of the money-lenders. Mr Pawar also informed the members that the report of the Farmers Commission, under the chairmanship of Swaminathan, has been received and the government would take appropriate measures accordingly. It’s a matter to ponder over that states where farming is good, there the tendency of suicides by farmers is high. In backward states like Bihar and Orissa, the suicide rate of farmers is less.  

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