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Governor vows relief measures for farmers

Posted by Ramoo on March 3, 2007

By Akhel Mathew, Correspondent

Thiruvananthapuram: Farm sector figures as the main thrust area of Kerala’s 2007 budget session that began yesterday.

In his policy speech to the 12th session of the assembly, Governor R.L. Bhatia stressed that the crisis-ridden agriculture sector, which reported recently a string of farmers’ suicides due to financial troubles, would top the government’s priorities.

The governor also focused on the need to concentrate on agriculture-related areas and “sunrise” fields like information technology and tourism.

Bhatia declared the year ‘Haritha Varsham’ (year of agriculture). Aid would be made available to farmers in Palakkad and Idukki districts. A special council would be formed for the welfare of farmers.


An insurance policy for fishermen’s families, a debt relief scheme for fisheries sector, a loan scheme for fish vendors, a housing scheme for poor families and a commission to study schemes for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes and land allotment to them were some of the welfare measures announced by the governor.

A separate court to deal with cases of atrocities on women and two special courts to deal with cases of atrocities on scheduled castes and scheduled tribes would be set up.

A plan to promote “responsible tourism” would be pushed in 2007 to ensure that the benefit of the sector went to the local community as well.

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