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MH: Farmers threaten to suicide

Posted by Ramoo on January 21, 2007

Saturday, January 20, 2007 (15:40:59)
MH: Farmers threaten to suicide

Palshi village: Hundreds of farmers in Maharashtra’s Amravati District on Friday threatened to commit suicide en-masse over the State Government’s failure to redress the problem of irregular power supply. Farmers of Amravati District’s Palshi village climbed atop a 150-feet high water tank to protest against irregular electricity supply. “We demand that we be provided uninterrupted electricity supply for 12 hours every day, and at a proper voltage. Currently we get electricity for just four to five hours everyday, at low voltage levels,” said Rajendra Marade, Deputy Chief of the Palshi Village Council. They descended after a few hours, but only after receiving assurances from power supply officials that the matter will be looked at an urgent basis.

“We have been assured by the power distribution company officials that they will solve our problems in seven days,” said Marade. The suicide threat was no gimmick, said Marade, adding that the step was taken as a last resort by the farmers who have nothing to harvest for want of enough electricity for irrigation.

The region has experienced three consecutive droughts and scores of farmers have committed suicide in the past year following crop failure and growing indebtedness. Country has officially admitted to the death of about 3,600 farmers over the last five years, in most of the cases huge debts being the cause of taking the extreme step.

Suicides in Maharashtra, especially in the Vidarbha region, crossed the 900 mark in 2006, despite the efforts of Centre to ease the financial burden of the farmers through Central and State Government grants.

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